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Naturopathic Doctor


I’m Moira, a Naturopathic Doctor, community builder, organisational enthusiast and lover of all things furry.


Meeting our son A took 5 long years and propelled my mission to ensure no woman ever feels as alone as I did in their fertility journey.

It took me two decades to realise that my periods were neither normal or hopeless


Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped women

  • Regulate their hormones
  • Optimise their fertility and
  • Feel supported through pregnancy and into mamahood

so that they can feel at ease, complete and able to thrive


When I’m not supporting my patients, I can be found closet crafting, chasing down trucks with my toddler and secretly trying to turn him to a Toronto Raptors superfan!


If you’re ready to feel supported on your fertility journey, I invite you to schedule a FREE meet & greet appointment to see if my approach is right for you.


Let’s schedule a 15 min FREE virtual Meet & Greet

** ONLY available to Ontario residents!

I listen to all of your entire story — past and present PLUS your future goals — and together, we plot out a game plan to optimize your fertility based on research and evidence.

  • We go through your entire medical history.
  • We obtain a thorough series of fertility related tests that significantly impacts the direction of your customized treatment plan.
  • We discuss your health goals
  • We implement an individualized treatment plan that is customized for YOU based on all of the above.

I also welcome collaborating with your RE and fertility clinic. I believe a team approach is best for my patient.

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This is the time of great joy but oftentimes, there’s oftentimes a big dose of anxiety mixed into everything as well because your body feels a little bit “weird”

  • Do you feel like you have 10 million questions and maybe 3 answers?
  • Do you know how to figure out which are actually high quality supplements for you to be taking as your prenatals?
  • Did you know that there are lots of natural alternatives to try when it comes to all of those pesky pregnancy symptoms?

Your body is working incredibly hard to nurture your baby. We need to do the same for you.

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On average, a woman is on her period for 25% of her month, every month from the time she’s 12 years old until she goes into menopause at approximately 50 years of age.

  • Is your period being weird? Do you spot a couple of days before your period starts? Do you have PMS? Is your period irregular?
  • Have you been on birth control for years? Do you want to come off of birth control?
  • Do you have: Endometriosis? PCOS? Uterine fibroids? Fibrocystic breasts? Recurrent yeast infections?

There are many natural solutions to choose from but the key is to get to the root cause(s) of the problem.

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I’ve been offering customised IV vitamin therapy to my patients for the last 15 years.

I’ve worked as both a teaching assistant and an instructor for one of the two official IV certification courses in Ontario since 2009.

I was an IV examiner for the regulatory board in Ontario since 2010.

My focus in this area allows me to sit down with a patient to create a customised IV bag and ensure that the entire experience is as comfortable, relaxing and effective as possible.


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