This is how the process usually works if you’d like to work with me

on your journey towards achieving your health goals

Naturopathic Healthcare

Virtual consultations

In-person acupuncture & IV therapy

** ONLY available to Ontario residents

The Wild Collective

Education ✨ Connection ✨ Support

Teaching women about their bodies &

how to advocate for themselves

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15 min FREE virtual meet & greet

Naturopathic Healthcare

If you’re ready to feel supported on your fertility journey, I invite you to schedule a FREE virtual meet & greet to see if my approach is right for you.

During this 15 min appointment, you have the opportunity to share what you’re looking for. I’ll share my approach to care and welcome your questions.

If I see that I can support you, I’ll let you know right away.

If I think there’s a better option for you, I assure you I’ll share it with you.

This is a great opportunity to see if we’d work well together as a TEAM.

** ONLY available to Ontario residents

The Wild Collective

Have you ever wanted to find a group of women who have similar health interest and goals, and want together as a group to genuinely inspire and support each other achieve their goals?

During this FREE 15 min meet & greet appointment, you have the opportunity to ask me your questions on how a group collective of women working together can help you work towards your goals.

If you’ve always been interested in naturopathic medicine but haven’t had the chance to jump in with the commitment of working directly with an ND yet, this is the option for you!

And if you already have an ND, this option helps you extra supported.

** Available internationally

Naturopathic Healthcare

What to expect from Naturopathic Healthcare

Let’s sit down for a 15 min FREE virtual meet & greet appointment.

We’ll chat about what you’re looking for, I’ll answer your questions about Naturopathic Medicine and discuss my treatment approach.

It’s a great opportunity for us to see if we’ll work well together as a team!

Please note that NDs are regulated health professionals in Ontario and I canNOT give you specific treatment recommendations until you’re my patient.

YES, let’s chat!

During your first consult, we review your medical history — past & present — considering all relevant aspects of your health.

If you have blood work or imaging reports, please upload them into your Patient Portal beforehand so we can walk through a detailed analysis of your results together. Specific tests that directly impact your treatment plan will be outlined.

Your second consult is typically 3-4 weeks after your initial appointment.

This is when we review any new test results and ensure you’re feeling clear, supported and well on your way.

Slight adjustments may be made to further enhance effectiveness — depending on your response to treatment to date.

You’ll leave with clarity on what actions are right for you.

YES, I’m ready!

A check-in appointment is scheduled 4-6 weeks later to ensure we maximise your accomplishments towards your health goals. Based on your response to care, this is when I ensure we’re employing the most efficient and effective strategies for your time, energy, investment and (of course!) your goals.

Subsequent follow-up consults occur in 2-4 month intervals. This is when we ensure you’re on track to achieving your health goals and adjust our plan, if indicated.

I find it takes an average of 4 appointments to get the most out of this investment into your health.

YES, let’s do this!

Once patients achieve their health goals, they typically like to check in every 6-12 months to maximise on their investment on their health and stay accountable to their commitments.

In maintenance visits, we ensure you’re functioning at maximal health, test/re-test if necessary and adjust your customised treatment plan to keep it as consolidated, simple and effective as possible.

YES, I’m in!

Please note that these generalised timeframes can vary depending on your case.

Your plan details will always be thoroughly discussed with you.

Let’s Get Started

Schedule a 15 min FREE meet & greet appointment to see if my approach is right for you

15 min FREE virtual meet & greet