Is your period irregular? Painful cramps?

Are your hormones taking over your life every month?

Do you have endometriosis?

I stumbled into the field of Naturopathic Medicine because I lived for more than 15 years with excruciatingly painful menstrual cramps.

The most infuriating medical appointment that I’ve had involved the doctor telling me that the pain I was experiencing couldn’t possibly have been real and that it was all in my head.

After that, I was told by every doctor and specialist that I saw that my menstrual pain was equivalent to labour pain except that my pain held steady and consistent for 4 days in a row every month. The only options I was given to treat this from a conventional standpoint were: anti-inflammatory and/or pain medication, birth control or surgery.

I worked with various Naturopathic Doctors over the years in order to figure out the WHY behind the symptoms and am very happy and grateful to report that I have been pain-free with my monthly cycle for over 10 years now.

Do you remember sitting in your high school biology class and frantically trying to jot down and understand what your biology teacher was talking about when it came to the lesson about the seemingly hundreds of hormones that controlled a woman’s menstrual cycle?

I’m here to help you cut through all of the complicated information and work towards discovering the root cause(s) of the source of your symptoms with the use of specific blood and/or urine tests.

Common women’s health conditions that I help my patients with are:

  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Transitioning off birth control pills
  • Preparation for pregnancy
  • Fertility support
  • Pregnancy care & support

I have a big soft spot for working with women who are trying to sort out their period and hormones (and ALL of the fallout from there being an imbalance) because I was once you. I 100% understand the frustration that you feel when your body seems foreign to you at certain times of the month and that it’s completely betraying you. However, please know that there are many options available so that you don’t have to live your next few decades on a hormonal rollercoaster that you never signed up to begin with.

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