Starting on Mar 17 2020, I isolated myself with my family in an attempt to keep everyone safe. That was
I'm very excited to share this with you! Dr. Jordan Robertson ND is my amazing colleague who also happens to
2021 has apparently decided to be THE year of massive change for me from a professional standpoint. I have a
Did you know that your grandma, your mom and half of you were ALL in the SAME body at the
As promised, here's another collaboration that I did with Sunlife Financial’s Lumino Health. We talked about the 8 ways you
A little clinic update for you Pineapple Health My downtown clinic is changing its name to Pineapple Health. We came
Did you know that women spend an average of 9.5 years ON their period throughout their life? If that seems
I see many patients who are hoping to or struggling to get pregnant and one of the first things I
I did another collaboration with Sunlife Financial's Lumino Health. This time, we talked all about how you can help a
Well, 2021 has definitely started out with a flurry, hasn't it! 2020 has changed the way that many of us
Can you believe that we're finally wrapping up 2020!?!? This has been QUITE the year -- phew! How are YOU
I have some big news to share with you. I've spent the last 7 years calling Adelaide Health Clinic my