I have a few "favourite" cookbooks that seem to stay permanently off the bookshelf, and one of them is Joy
Image of pregnant woman with hands cupping her belly
Happy New Year and cheers to a great start to 2019! A Personal Announcement! In case I haven't seen you
Trigger warning . . . I wanted to share some news with all of you. Our FET (frozen embryo transfer)
Vitamin D is one of the blood tests that I always recommend for my fertility patients. What is vitamin D?
I love making things at home that can be EASILY made so that I know exactly what goes into it. 
We finally made the decision to move forward with our FET (frozen embryo transfer).  Apparently it was just meant to
Image of sugar crystals making the word SUGAR
Everyone “knows” that sugar is bad for you — but are there “good” vs “bad” sugars? Types of Sugar First
Laparoscopic Surgery I had my laparoscopic surgery a couple of days ago and I'm doing great!  I'm a little bit
Estrogen is a hormone that is one of the key players in women's reproductive systems.  It's produced in the ovaries,
I wrote an entire blog post about my crazy IUI story last year and I wanted to give you an
I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and it inspired me to come up with a
Thank you for all of you who have dropped by, called, emailed or messaged me to check in with me