Is it difficult for you to find time to put yourself first?

Does having a consultation while you’re sitting on your couch sound amazing?

Did you know that we can have a secure virtual consultation over video or the phone?

Below are a few tips to make your virtual appointment run smoothly:

  • Check your email the day after you book your appointment for details to set up your account to create your own Patient Portal. That’s where you’ll find the intake forms — please complete those as soon as possible so that it’s done and you don’t forget!
  • If you have current lab work results, please upload them into your Patient Portal (under Documents) so that I can take a look at them before your appointment
  • If you don’t have any current lab work results, please contact your family doctor to request a copy for yourself and then upload them into your Patient Portal (under Documents) when you receive them
  • Take a photo of all of your current supplements and upload them into your Patient Portal (in Documents)
  • Check your email two days before your scheduled appointment for an appointment reminder with details regarding the visit, particularly the link to the private portal that’s compliant with the Canadian privacy standards. Alternatively, you can always log into your Patient Portal to check on the details as well.
  • Login to the private portal 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to ensure that your internet connection is working well
  • If your internet connection isn’t working well, send me a quick message through your Patient Portal or email and let me know that you’d prefer a telephone consultation instead

How do you do the virtual visits?

You’ll be given a link to a private portal that is compliant with all of the Canadian privacy standards. It allows us to speak freely by video through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For those who are more comfortable, we will also be able to proceed with the visits by telephone.

What if my internet connection isn’t great?

Virtual visits via telephone are also available, and are used as a back-up if the internet connection is wonky.

How do I get my prescriptions?

You’ll also be given a link to set up your own Patient Portal where you’ll be able to log in at any time to view or download your treatment recommendations.

How do I get my requisition form for the lab work?

Just like with your treatment recommendations, you’ll be given a link to set up your own Patient Portal where you’ll be able to log in at any time to download or print your requisition form of any agreed upon lab work.

How do I pick up my supplements?

For any recommended products, you can either:

  1. Pick it up at your favourite health supplement store
  2. Order from a trusted online distributor
  3. Use my online dispensary to order the supplements
  4. Place an order and come to the clinic at a scheduled date and time and pick up the products

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