I like to have a FREE 15 min meet & greet appointment with all of my potential new patients.

This allows us to figure out if we’d work well together and if I’d be able to help you

It’s 100% free and there’s NO pressure at the end of the appointment

I can’t wait to chat with you!

How This All Works

Step 1: The Introduction

All new patients start with a FREE 15 min call/video chat.

Make a request to schedule your meet & greet appointment below.

Step 2: The Chat

This allows us to determine if we’d work well together.

And for you to ask me your questions on naturopathic medicine.

Step 3: The Beginning

If you decide that you want to work together,

We’ll get started so that you feel fully supported from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Send me an email at hello@moirakwoknd.com if you don’t see your question

Do you see a lot of patients like me?
My practice mainly focuses on:

  • Periods & hormones
  • Fertility support
  • Pregnancy care

However, this means that I also see many patients for:

  • Stress management
  • IBD
  • IBS
  • Constipation
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOS
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Etc

The best thing to do is to book your FREE 15 min call and we can discuss!

Is it ok if I'm already working with a fertility clinic?
I welcome collaborating with your RE at your fertility clinic

I firmly believe that an integrative medical team is the best scenario for you as the patient

This is the best way for you to have a well-rounded strategy to help you build your family

I'm not with a fertility clinic yet. Should I wait before starting with you too?
If my patient had ALL the time in the world, I’d love to have at least 3-6 months to work together to optimise your health in order to optimise your fertility

While you wait is the BEST time to start working with a Naturopathic Doctor

So, we should definitely have a chat. Book your FREE 15 min call!

Do you offer acupuncture?
Yes, I do offer acupuncture to my patients

You can see me at any of my clinic locations in:

  1. Forest Hill
  2. Downtown Toronto
  3. Burlington
I've heard that IV therapy is great! Is it good for me?
IV vitamin therapy can be incredibly beneficial

However, whether it’d be good for you or not would depend on your chief concerns, medical history and health goals

The best option is to schedule a FREE 15 min call to chat about it

What's your experience?
I graduated from CCNM in Toronto ON in 2007

I’ve been in practice for 15 years

And, I’ve also been offering IV therapy for 15 years