What part of your Fertility Journey are you on?

Trying to Conceive

You’re just starting out on your fertility journey

You’re super excited for this whole process to start trying

Let’s work on preparing you for pregnancy

Struggling to Conceive

You’ve been on your fertility journey for a while

You’re on a monthly emotional rollercoaster

Let’s work on optimising your fertility

Your Google search results are overwhelming and conflicting

Most women who are trying to get pregnant spend a lot of time on Google, FB fertility groups and on IG/TT

However, most women walk away more confused and unsure about what to do for themselves

My goal is to decrease the overwhelm and confusion during this important time

Pineapple Fertility Foundations

I’ve worked with fertility patients for the last 15 years

And throughout the years, I’ve noticed some underlying trends when it comes to:

  • what women ask
  • what women didn’t know
  • what women should do

So I’m working on putting a fertility webinar series together to address all of the above

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