What supplement should I take for …?

This question comes up a lot with my new patients.

My answer is always “it depends …”

Which supplements you should take for XYZ depends on many factors including:

  • Your specific condition(s)
  • Your overall health
  • Your health goals
  • Your digestion
  • Your nutrition & lifestyle
  • Your medications
  • Your other supplements
  • etc etc etc

So yes, it’s annoying but it really does depend!

“The supplement industry drives me BANANAS!!!”

You’ll hear me say this at least a few times during my “sidebar rant” when we discuss all things supplements.

I say this in 99% of my first patient visits because I always ask:

  1. What supplements are you taking?
  2. Why are you taking them?
  3. Which company are they?

The most common answers

Over the last 15 years, the answers to my questions are usually:

  1. Read/heard about it somewhere that it was good for XYZ condition
  2. Saw it on IG/FB/TikTok that it was good for XYZ condition
  3. Mom/BFF/coworker told you that their cousin/neighbour/friend took it for XYZ condition and fixed it

And sometimes even: my doctor told me to take it!

But …

The problem is:

  1. Do YOU actually need to take this supplement?
  2. Will this supplement actually help YOU?
  3. Did you choose the supplement that’s going to be the most effective for YOUR health and wallet?


The solution

I’m here to help you navigate the convoluted world of supplements so that:

  1. You’re taking what YOU need
  2. The research shows that it benefits YOUR health
  3. It’s the most cost-effective option

Which supplements are actually good?

Do you want to learn about how I analyse supplements for my patients?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve always asked this series of questions to determine if a supplement is high quality AND cost effective.

Download this guide to learn the process for yourself.

Then, ask the questions and SHARE it with your family/friends.

The more of us who ask these questions, the better the quality of the supplements will be.

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