Online Programs

Coming Soon!

I’m in the middle of creating an online program to help you

get started on learning about optimising your fertility health

The Program

I’m putting together a program that talks about all of the things that I wish I had enough time to discuss with all of my fertility patients during their first visit with me.

What’s going to be included?

5 modules about all things female fertility plus 1 bonus module on male fertility.

Including all handouts and worksheets.

You’ll work towards optimising your fertility health goals alongside your fellow Pineapple Fertility Sisters.

They’ll cheer for you, support you and celebrate your successes with you


✨ 5 sessions held once a week

✨ 5 modules with access to videos & downloads

✨ A private online community

✨ BONUS module on male fertility health

The Modules

Your Fertility

The anatomy & physiology

Your menstrual cycle & ovulation

Your hormones

Your Test Results

The basic tests

The upgraded tests

The specialised tests

Your Nutrition

What you’re eating

What you should & shouldn’t eat

The different diets

Your Lifestyle

What you think

What you put into your body

What you do to your body

Your Supplements

Quality over quantity

Fertility supporting supplements

Supplements to avoid

BONUS: The Sperm

The basics

The tests

The support

Dr. Moira Kwok ND

I’ve been working in the fertility health space for 16 years.

I’ve also been an infertility patient for 10 years.

I’ve walked the walk AND talked the talk.

Let me show you what I wish all of my fertility patients knew from the very start.

And in the “unicorns and rainbows” world, what I wish every 20-something-year-old knew long before she came up against her fertility struggles.

Knowledge AND Community

I’ve long ago lost count of how many of my patients have said:

  • “WHY didn’t someone explain this to me like this before?!?!”
  • “Where were you before???”
  • “I wish I started working on my fertility health earlier”

I’m currently only accepting 12 women into the launch of my Pineapple Fertility Foundations program.

If you’re reading this now, take this as a sign that YOU should be one of them!

I can’t wait to walk on this journey beside you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have to miss a session?
The sessions will be recorded and you’ll be able to watch if you missed your session. You’ll also receive a link with the session recordings and handouts.
What if I don't want to share?
There’s zero pressure to share but in previous women’s health group programs that I’ve run and participated in, most participants are eventually drawn into sharing when they’re ready.
Will you run this again?
Yes, I will be running this program again.

However, the Founding Members’ pricing is only available with this first time that I run the program!

Does this program mean that I have a doctor-patient relationship with you?
The Pineapple Fertility Foundations is an online education program.

There will be no personalised assessments, treatment recommendations or supplement recommendations provided with the program.

This program helps you advocate for yourself and your own health with your healthcare provider on your healthcare team.

My dream is to have a group of women come together who have all previously walked their infertility path alone so that they can come together and support one another through this typically lonely and isolating journey.

We can all learn from everyone’s experiences and cheer each other on as we all make stops along the way.

Let our collective of wisdom lift and support you as you move through your own fertility journey.