Did you know that there are more blood tests available than just the standard ones that come with your annual physical?

Did you know that these more elaborate test results can help your ND create an even more customized treatment plan for you?

Have you ever had your healthcare practitioner discuss the optimal levels with you, as opposed to simply normal/abnormal?

Standard Lab Tests

CBC with differential. Cholesterol Panel. Hormone Panel. Glucose Panel. Kidney Panel. Liver Panel. Thyroid Panel. Individual Vitamin and Mineral Status: most commonly iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D and folic acid

Advanced Lab Tests

Healthy Living Assessment Panel. Autoimmune Panel. Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH). Fatigue Panel. Female Hormone Panel. Female Fertility Panel. Food Sensitivity Testing (FST). Inflammation Panel. Male Health Panel. Metabolic Panel. Methylation Panel. Nutritional Panel. Vitamins Panel. Minerals Panel

Can I get blood work from an ND?

Yes, Naturopathic Doctors are able to give you a requisition form for many lab tests.

You can send me an email if you have a specific test in mind.

Where do I get the blood test done?

The 3 main lab companies that I send my patients to get blood drawn are:

  1. LifeLabs
  2. GammaDynacare
  3. Alpha Laboratories

Is the lab work covered by OHIP?

No, all requisitioned lab tests from an ND are NOT covered by OHIP.

However, I always recommend that my patients look into their individual extended healthcare plan by contacting their HR department or their contact person at the insurance company to see if lab tests are covered.

I’ve noticed that my patients who have extended health plans that do cover their lab work find that it’s often under: Naturopathic medicine, lab tests or flex/spending account.

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