Lab Tests

“No news is good news”

I don’t just call when you have “abnormal results”

Instead, let me show you:

  • All of the the relevant tests to run
  • The optimal reference ranges
  • What all of the results mean

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of your results AND feel more empowered about your health


What blood tests do you recommend?

Your results help pinpoint the direction your treatment recommendations should focus on

The specific tests recommended for you will depend on YOUR case

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your blood tests covered by OHIP?
No, blood work run through a Naturopathic Doctor is not covered by OHIP.

However, I have worked with many patients and their family doctors to coordinate blood work testing.

Some of my patients are able to get their blood work through their family doctors, and others are able to get their blood work through a combination of their family doctors and myself.

Aren’t your blood tests the same as the ones my MD orders for me?
All of the blood work that I suggest can also be requisitioned by your family doctor.

Where I differ is that I’m doing a deep dive and looking into whether your blood work is optimal.  There’s a big difference between being “not sick” and being optimal.

Where do I get the blood test done?
You can head to your local LifeLabs to get all of your blood work done.

It’s a pretty simple process of either scheduling an appointment through their booking system or walking in directly and waiting for your turn.

Can you test my hormones?
Yes, I can suggest the proper testing that looks into the status of your hormones.

note: the TIMING of these tests on specific days of your menstrual cycle is incredibly important as well!

Can you test my food sensitivities?
Yes, I can suggest the proper testing to determine your food sensitivities, when applicable.
Can I get a copy of my test results?

Yes, I give you a copy of your test results at the time of your appointment when we thoroughly discuss the results.  I find it easier for patients when they can visually see the test results line by line.

In addition, I believe that it’s incredibly important for my patients to always have a full copy of their test results for their medical history folder.

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