I don’t do “diets”

Yup! I’m a Naturopathic Doctor and I’m NOT a fan of diets

I don’t put my patients on a “diet” because they’re not sustainable long-term

It’s human nature to rebel against the confines of strict dietary rules

What I do instead

I start by analysing what you bring to the table

From there, we rely on the research to determine what aspects are important to focus on (and what isn’t!)

I don’t rely on hard rules for nutrition

Every patient has different needs and preferences

So we work together to determine what’s best for YOU for long-term success

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I never eat gluten again?

Nope! Unless gluten is extremely bad for you specifically, I won’t tell you to go gluten-free


Will I never eat dairy?

Nope! Unless dairy is extremely bad for you specifically, I won’t tell you to go dairy-free


Will I never eat chocolate again?

Definitely no! Most of my patients LOVE chocolate and still eat it regularly. We may have a discussion on the type of chocolate and your frequency of eating chocolate, but I will NOT tell you to eliminate chocolate

Will you put me on an elimination diet?

It’s not likely that I’ll suggest an elimination diet for you — although it does happen sometimes. We can always discuss what foods tend to be problematic or even look into food sensitivity testing to see what foods re problematic for YOU. But a general blanket statement elimination diet, not likely.


Do you provide meal plans?

No, I generally don’t give my patients meal plans because I find that it’s extremely difficult to stick to long term and not realistic at all as a lifestyle change.


Do you provide recipe ideas?

I don’t generally provide recipe ideas but I will give you some to start with if you’re really stuck for ideas!

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