Struggling to Conceive

What you need to know

First things first: I need you to know that NONE of this is YOUR fault. 1 in 6 couples struggle with getting pregnant in Canada.  That’s 16.7%!  This also means that you aren’t alone.

I also need you to know that there are a lot of things that we can do together that will help you regain control over this involuntary journey that you’re on.

You’ve come to the right place and we’ll work on optimising your fertility together.

Why choose me?

The short answer is because I’ve focused my career on working with couples struggling to conceive for the last 15 years and I’ve been in the trenches struggling beside you as a fellow #fertilitywarrior #iuisister #ivfsister and #miscarriagesurvivor

The long answer is woven into my life from the time I was 12 years old with my second menstrual cycle until today.  If you’re interested in the details, click below

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