Protein Smoothies

Protein Smoothies

Do you like smoothies?

Women are notorious for not eating enough protein on a daily basis.

I work with my patients a lot on their nutrition to ensure that they’re fuelling themselves properly to get them through the day.

One of the first ways I work with women to improve their daily protein intake is to incorporate some smoothies into their daily routine.

It’s easy peasy, it packs a nutritional punch and it can be like an icy treat!

I don’t have a tried and true formula or recipe that I always suggest because everyone has their preferences.


However, I’ll always try to include:

✅ a serving of fruit = a blast of nutrients

✅ a few servings of veggies = a great way to get some extra veggies into my daily diet

✅ Greek yogurt or kefir = some extra protein or probiotics

✅ a scoop of protein powder = for the protein, which is the main reason for my smoothie!

✅ some sort of liquid — my go to is simply water, coconut water or soy milk


Let me know what you LOVE in your smoothie so that I can get inspired and give it a try!


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