The 4 Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle

The 4 Phases of Your Menstrual Cycle

Now that you know what your menstrual cycle is and what the key hormones involved are, let’s break down your menstrual cycle into 4 main phases:


1️⃣ Menstruation = Days 1-7

🌟 All of your hormones are at their lowest levels for the month

🌟 It’s when you shed your uterine lining, resulting in your “period”

🌟 This is a time for rest, pause and re-evaluate

🌟 It’s akin to ❄️Winter❄️


2️⃣ Follicular = Days 8-13

✨ All of your hormones start out at their lowest levels and gradually begin to increase

✨ FSH in particular increases to help mature your eggs in your ovaries

✨ Many women feel really good during this phase

✨ It’s a time of new beginnings, creativity and planning

✨ It’s akin to 🌱Spring🌱


3️⃣ Ovulation = Days 14-16

⭐️ FSH & LH stimulate the ovary to release the egg

⭐️ Estrogen increases to thickness of the uterine lining

⭐️ Testosterone surges to increase desire

⭐️ It’s a time of connection, visibility and manifestation

⭐️ It’s akin to the 🌻Summer🌻


4️⃣ Luteal = Days 17-28

💫 Progesterone keeps the uterine lining welcoming for a potential fertilised embryo

💫 PMS is common, particularly towards the end of this phase

💫 If there is no fertilised embryo, estrogen, progesterone & testosterone levels peak and then decline

💫 It’s a time of completion, winding down and self-care

💫 It’s akin to 🍁Autumn🍁


Keep an eye out for the next post about how to coordinate your exercise and nutrition around your menstrual cycle!

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