Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

We’re well into July and one of my favourite treats that I love to make when it’s hot out is a great tasting smoothie.  My family will tell you that I they’ve always *tsked* at me my whole life that I can essentially run on soups, salads and smoothies.

Here’s one of my favourite green smoothie recipes that I often recommend to BOTH of my fertility and endometriosis patients.

Health Benefits for the #InfertilityWarrior

Pineapples are a great dietary source for bromelain, which has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant (blood thinning) properties.  In fact, the pineapple has often been adopted as the symbol for people struggling with infertility because the pineapple core (which contains the most bromelain) is often eaten immediately after ovulation in an attempt to help improve implantation.

Mangos are a great dietary source for antioxidants and there is research indicating that it can improve male fertility because men who consume more mangos have healthier sperm.

Spinach contains lots of iron, folate and zinc and kale contains lots of calcium, folate, iron and manganese; all of which are important for women trying to conceive.  In fact, low iron levels can result in poor egg health and affect ovulation rates.

Avocadoes are a great source of healthy fats and vitamin E, which improves the lining of the uterus.

Coconut water potentially helps to maintain a pH that improves vaginal health, which is very important when it comes to fertility.

Health Benefits for the #EndoWarrior

Pineapples contain bromelain that is a potent anti-inflammatory.  Adding this into your wheelhouse of an anti-inflammatory diet can help with decreasing inflammation to prevent or decrease pain.

Mangoes, spinach and kale contain antioxidants that work towards decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation, which helps to lessen the symptoms of endometriosis.

Avocadoes contain lots of healthy fats, which work against inflammation.

Here’s the Recipe!

Be forewarned that my “cooking” style is after my grandfather, who never used any measurements while in the kitchen …


A small handful of frozen cubed mangoes

A small handful of frozen cubed pineapples

A big handful of kale

A big handful of spinach

Half of a small avocado

Enough coconut water to ensure that the blender blends

Add some ice cubes if you like your smoothie more “slushy”

Add a scoop of protein powder if you’d like to use this as a meal replacement


Add all of the ingredients into a high speed blender and blend, then enjoy!

The Take-Away Message

If you love your smoothies and have endometriosis and/or are trying to get pregnant, give this smoothie a try and see what you think!  You can modify it however you like and I’d love to hear what your upgrades are so that I can try it for myself.


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