What’s On My Bathroom Countertop?

What’s On My Bathroom Countertop?

I wrote a post about how your beauty products can be impacting your fertility and I had a lot of questions about products.

I don’t endorse any specific company or product, but I can give you a peek into what I use.  Keep in mind that my beauty regimen is quite basic and pared down, but I hope this helps anyways!


Boo Bamboo’s Face Lotion.  I actually discovered their products when I was hunting for a gentle and clean shampoo and moisturizer for my son.  I liked that their product didn’t really smell like anything!

Kalaya’s Omega Body Lotion was introduced to me by a previous coworker and it’s great for my hands, particularly in the winter months, because I wash my hands SO many times a day that my skin likes to scream at me.  This definitely helps make that better!

I also make my own body butter with a super simple recipe with a blend of: cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil.


ThinkSport’s SPF 30+ and SPF 50+.  This product is on the EWG’s Sunscreen List and I’ve been using it for years.  It’s a great product and they also have a baby version!


I don’t wear any lipstick but I do have about a dozen chapsticks on the go and they essentially go in every bag and jacket that I have!  Currently, the two brands that I have floating around are Hurraw and Crate 61 in coconut.  They both have other scents as well and it’s always fun to try new “flavours”.


I am SUPER simple with my make-up products and literally only use two items.

100% Pure’s Eyeliner is my favourite liquid eyeliner.  I’m still on the hunt for an easy to use pencil eyeliner so let me know if you have any suggestions!

Pure Anada’s Eye Shadow.  I like this one because you can pick and choose your colour palette, and it also isn’t super pricey.



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