Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

One of my favourite winter childhood memory is of my family going skiing on the weekends/holidays and capping off an amazing day on the slopes in the chalet sipping on some hot chocolate. It was the BEST — although may not the hot chocolate itself!


Here’s a healthier version for you to test out that I now enjoy often

It’s super simple with just a few key ingredients:

✅ Your favourite milk alternative => I prefer soy or oatmilk with a bit of coconut milk mixed in

✅ Cacao powder => I put a spoonful but it all depends on how “chocolate-y” you like it

✅ Your favourite sweetener => I put a dash of maple syrup/honey but tailor it to your tastebuds!

✅ Vanilla extract => I put just a little bit

✅ Sea salt => just a pinch will do!


And it’s quick & easy because it only take a few minutes to make:

1️⃣ Combine all of the ingredients into a saucepan & whisk while it heats up

2️⃣ Pour it into your favourite mug and decorate it with a bit of chocolate shavings or extra bit of cacao powder

3️⃣  Enjoy!


You can spice things up a bit more with any of the following:

✨ Cinnamon

✨ Vanilla bean

✨ Shaved chocolate

✨ Whipped cream

There are tons of  other options based on your personal preferences!


Let me know what your favourite winter drink is! Even better if you have a recipe to suggest so that I can give it a try as well.


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