Cycle Syncing

Cycle Syncing

Have you noticed that you have times in the month where you can fun longer, lift heavier & workout more consistently? Whereas other months you can’t even find the energy to go for a walk?

A few years ago, the US women’s soccer team tracked their nutrition, exercise AND menstrual cycles in order to help them maximise their energy and productivity


It’s called cycle syncing

And it’s one of the strategies that this team of amazing women attributed to winning their World Cup!

What does this have to do with the every day person who has a menstrual cycle?!?

It allows us to track and understand our menstrual cycles so that we’re more in tune with our bodies, hormones and rhythms It also allows us to modify our nutrition, exercise and expectations based on where we naturally are in our menstrual cycle


1️⃣ Menstruation

🍽 Lots of fibre and low glycemic index fruits & veggies + minimise fast foods that are more inflammatory

👣 Focus on rest & rejuvenation with gentle activities like stretching, yoga, etc


2️⃣ Follicular Phase

🍽 Healthy balanced meals but there’s no need to avoid any particular foods

👣 Estrogen high, which gives you the ability to better adapt & be resilient. Focus on higher intensity workouts like circuit classes, etc


3️⃣ Ovulation

🍽 Your hormone levels are peaking, so eat lots of healthy fats such as avocadoes, nuts, seeds, etc. Also, this is when your cervical mucus is like “egg white”, so drink lots of water to help this along in order to maximise this period of fertile mucus to help with fertilisation

👣 You have tons of energy to burn, so try some high intensity workouts such as HIIT


4️⃣ Luteal Phase

🍽 Prioritise foods that contain lots of nutrients and liver supporting ingredients like fibre, leafy green, root veggies, etc

👣 Start off with more intense workouts but gradually scale back to lighter exercises like walking, yoga & pilates


🙋‍♀️ if you didn’t know this before & want to try it out!


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