How Do We “Detox”?

How Do We “Detox”?

Throughout January, I am always asked about detoxing by patients who are trying to lose weight as their new year’s goal and how they should go about doing it in a healthy and safe way.

How Do We Detox?

Let’s start off with HOW we detox things out of our bodies!

There are 7 ways that our body detoxifies:

  1. Lungs: we expel toxins with every breath that we exhale.
  2. Liver: our liver is in control of the whole detoxification process in the body.
  3. Colon: the final place in the body where our waste travels through before being eliminated from the body.
  4. Kidneys: filter water-soluble wastes and eliminates it through the bladder.
  5. Skin: protects the body by covering it and keeping toxins from entering the body.
  6. Blood: flushes out the waste products and toxins.
  7. Lymph: collects cellular waste and helps destroy pathogens.

The Take-Away Message

The basic areas of focus when in comes to detoxification from a Naturopathic standpoint is to minimize your exposure to toxins, and to support your liver and kidneys to ensure that they are doing their job at detoxifying properly.


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