BPA & Children

BPA & Children

I read an interesting article today regarding the effects of BPA (bisphenol A) on behavioural and executive function in children.  The study involved 244 mothers and their 3 year old children.  BPA levels  in the urine were measure in the mother at 16 weeks gestation, 26 weeks gestation and at birth, and in the child at 1 year of age, 2 years of age and 3 years of age.  According to the results, each 10 fold increase in gestation BPA concentrations was associated with more anxious and depressed behaviour, and poorer emotional control and inhibition.  Interestingly, the magnitude of the gestational BPA associations depending on the gender of the child, with a larger effect on girls than boys.

As an FYI, the most common everyday sources of BPA exposure are reusable water bottles, baby bottles, canned foods and plastic food storage containers.  There are many alternatives for reusable water bottles and baby bottles, particularly stainless steel reusable water bottles and glass or BPA-free baby bottles.  As for the food storage containers, do not cook your food in the plastic containers, do not wash them with harsh detergents or use them after they have been scratched and worn.  Alternatively, use glass or BPA-free food storage containers instead.


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