Does Cranberry Juice Prevent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)?

Does Cranberry Juice Prevent UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)?

The Archives of Internal Medicine published a meta-analysis confirming the benefit of cranberry juice to prevent UTIs.

The Study Details

They looked at 13 randomized controlled trials that consisted of 1600 subjects and found that the subjects who consumed cranberry products showed an approximate 30% lower rate of UTIs versus the controls.  This effect was most notable in women with recurrent infections, in females and in children.

The Nitty Gritty About Cranberries

In the past, it was thought that cranberries were protective due to acidification of the urinary tract.  However, it is now known that cranberries limit the ability of bacteria to attach to uroepithelial cells.  This means that they prevent the bacteria that causes UTIs from attaching to the inside wall of the bladder — how cool is that?!?

The Take-Away Message

This means that if you are a women and if you’re prone to urinary tract infections, make sure to increase your consumption of cranberries and/or unsweetened cranberry juice to prevent further urinary tract infections.  Please remember that cranberry juice used for UTIs is NOT the same as what you would normally find in the juice section of your grocery store.  Those ones are full of sugar and contain minimal amounts of pure cranberry juice!  Instead, head to the “healthy” aisle or to your local health food store and that’s where you’ll find the right kind of cranberry juice.  Fair warning — the real stuff is SUPER tart!


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